About us

Cultura Cercana (culture from within or close culture) was born with the idea and the intention to show the other face of our culture to people visiting Argentina.  After 5 years we now focus in all the South region of the continent offering a wide range of activities in many locations around Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

We already have a fixed team of valuable people from different cities, towns and ports and we are constantly working in the interaction between the team to make the best customized experience for our guests that trust us in many different locations during their trip.

For any visitor it is easy to know and travel, but he or she does not always get the chance to live and experience it from the inside just like another local. This is the distinctive value that we add to our trips: To live, to know and to have fun just like another local.

Why us?

Because we are an alternative to conventional tourism, but always seeking to provide a top quality service in local ambiences. In order to achieve maximum professionalism, we are a  T & T Co. – Travel & Tourism Company – authorized by the Secretariat of Tourism of Argentina. We also have our licensed guides and vehicles in Uruguay and Chile.

We believe that city guides for foreign individual travelers are a good option to know the main places the city offers, to have excellent recommendations about places and about some programs. Nevertheless, what guides frequently lack is the most authentic thing that a place may have within a short stay: its valuable people. It is through its people that we actually get to know the place. Those with an elevated cultural level, well prepared, specialized in their area and open-minded are indispensable for us.

We are sure that the best services are those carried out by its owners, and for that reason, we offer diverse activities, each and everyone performed in a personalized manner  for closed groups  of small or large size. In this way it is possible to create a warmer atmosphere and a special bond between passengers and us.

We want visitors to become involved with our culture. Because of this, our service is to meet with native people in a place, at a certain moment and performing certain activities. However, there is no previously prepared speech or anything of the kind: the magic and the exchange of knowledge spontaneously arise. Each person who makes up the Cultura Cercana team works as being “himself/herself” the entire time.

We are at our former clients’ disposal to send them by e-mail the recommendations they wish about places and local activities we, the locals do.

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Cultura Cercana, EVyT legajo 13743. Lavalle 1546 piso 5° "F" oficina B, Buenos Aires (1048), Argentina. Tel./Fax (+54 911) 3194 8920. E-mail: support@culturacercana.com.ar

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