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For bookings or just further information, please fill in the forms. In case your email server has strict SPAM controls, we suggest you to place our domain in your white/clean/safe list.

Cancellations: see our cancellation policy.

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Credit Card: If you prefer to pay by Credit Card we have an Argentinian system that is like a local PayPal. So, if you would like to pay in advance, we will be sending you a link with a Payment Form. If you choose to pay after the tour we have phone posnets in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile to process the payment.
Cash: Payments in cash can be done in USD dollars or the equivalent in local currency.
We will check availability and get back to you with the booking confirmation. Thanks!!


If you want us to design a customized tour for you in advance fill all or just part of the information you wish. They can also be talked/completed/avoided as long as the tour is being made so we can also tailor made the tour if you don´t complete any of the information. Is totally optional and confidential.

Customize in advance or just SUBMIT the information above.

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