Cancellation policy

Force Majeure

If your ship does not dock -due to bad weather or for any other reason- then you will not be charged and we will refund you any deposit made. Same for flight cancellations that make impossible a reschedule of the tour.

Other Cancellations

As you may see, we only work delivering private tours. This means we reserve our time and vehicles for the time with you and we won´t accept any other bookings. We own some of our vehicles but in high season we also use suppliers to cover the extra demand. In the event of a cancellation we might have to pay the supplier and we might not be able to sell the date if it was a last minute cancellation. However, we won´t penalize all our customers with strict policies just for some unfair cases that happen from time to time.

In conclusion, we will give you back your money. Just bear in mind our situation and if you are thinking there is a high chance of cancellation please don´t book with us yet. Thanks!

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