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Cultura Cercana (culture from within or close culture) was born with a clear desire: to show the other face of our culture to people visiting Argentina. After fourteen years, we offer a wide range of activities in some of the most wonderful regions of our country and we continue working to broaden our horizons to connect more people with unique experiences.

We are professionals from different areas united by love for our culture and passion for sharing our traditions.That is why we do our work with joy, commitment and respect, following the philosophy of going beyond the extra mile to get each visitor become authentically involved with Argentine customs.

We already have a fixed team of valuable people from different cities, towns, and ports, and we are constantly working as a team to make the best customized experiences for our guests, who trust us in many different locations during their trip.

For any visitor, it is easy to travel to a city, but you do not always get the chance to live and experience it from the inside almost like another local. This is the distinctive value that we add to our trips: You get to live, to discover, and to have fun almost like another local.



Because we are an alternative to conventional tourism, always seeking to provide top-quality service in local ambiences. In order to achieve maximum professionalism, we are a T&T Co. – Travel & Tourism Company – authorized by the Secretary of Tourism of Argentina.

No doubt Argentina has incredible cultural, historical and natural attractions. However, we believe people are the most precious thing that a place has. This is why we are convinced that a local guide will always be the best option to get to know deeply any destination. Guides with an elevated cultural level, who are well prepared, specialized in their area, kind and open-minded are stars for us.

We offer diverse activities, each and every one performed in a personalized manner for closed groups of any size in the case of private tours and for small groups in the case of shared tours. In this way, it is possible to create a warmer atmosphere and a special bond between passengers and ourselves. Like a play, where each performance is unique and unrepeatable, for us each tour is also different and special because visitors have different views to consider. That’s why we love the magic and the knowledge exchange that happens on tour.

We are much more than a tour operator, we like to be in touch before, during and even after your tour. Like a friend, we will be at your disposal to help you with whatever you need and give you any recommendations you wish about places and local activities we, the locals, love.


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