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Get to know Argentina’s most famous woman, known as Evita

If you are interested in history and would like to know all the secrets of the most famous Argentinian woman, this tour is sure to captivate you.

Maria Eva Duarte de Perón, better known as Evita and called “the standard-bearer of the humble,” marked Argentina’s politics and history.

As a girl, she wanted to be an actress and left her town to fulfill her dream, but fate made her come across Juan Domingo Perón and start a new stage. She accompanied him throughout his career — as no woman had been allowed before — and worked incessantly for the lower classes. She fought for women to have a role in politics and got the female vote. She was a woman with many contradictions, too, much like the Peronist party itself.

A Broadway musical , Alan Parker’s 1996 film starring Madonna, and the captivating novel by Tomas Eloy Martinez Saint have all helped to keep Evita Perón’s legend alive.

This experience takes you on a journey through the major highlights of Buenos Aires while delving into Eva Perón’s legacy and focusing on the places related to her life. See how important she is even in the present day.

Revered by millions, Evita remains a powerful myth in Argentina today. Join us to discover the good, the bad, and the evil of this outstanding personality of our history!

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