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Take a private guided walking tour of Buenos Aires!

Imagine a city that has the energy of New York, the architecture of Paris, the café culture of Rome, the beautiful people of Los Angeles, the theaters of London, the steakhouses of Chicago, the wines of Napa, the nightlife of Miami, and the friendly spirit of Sydney. That seemingly mythical place your mind has conjured? It’s real, and it’s called Buenos Aires.

Walking through the city offers the incomparable pleasure of opening ourselves to spontaneity and allows us to explore the whole universe in its streets.

A private guide leads you through the interesting streets of the city, discovering buildings, cafes, stories, and the people — the porteños. Walking at your own pace and using public transport (train, bus, metro), you become part of this incredible metropolis, living an authentic experience as a local.

We can tailor-make your own private walking tour to fit your particular interests. We have both full and half-day options.

Walking is a truly enriching experience. We can discover time and space from another perspective, and you observe things differently.

So what are you waiting for? Join us to live this experience!!

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