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Take a tour off the beaten path in Buenos Aires!

Like the old music records, the A side has the most important hit songs, while the B side is mostly considered to have the most special ones for a few people. On this B side tour, we visit neighborhoods and places that generally are not included in the main touristic routes, but they always have something intriguing for us.

This is a great alternative if you have a second day in Buenos Aires — after visiting the highlights — and you are interested in knowing the city more deeply, including off-the-beaten-path sites. You could discover other special buildings, street art, stories, and the amazing hidden gems of Buenos Aires.

There is a wide range of places to visit, and the city is quite big. Also, traffic and the distance between the areas are factors that influence the itinerary. You can decide the route directly when you meet your guide or let us know during the reservation process if you have any special request we can help you with. The nature of this tour makes it totally customizable, but if you prefer not to worry about planning, you can also trust your guide’s suggestions.

Some places to bear in mind are:

  • Barracas, an old neighborhood that used to host several factories in the past as well as genuine tango scenarios. We find them, and in the meantime, we can visit a curious three-block street where the houses were decorated by the same artist.
  • Last dictatorship history, visiting sites such as Parque de la Memoria and ESMA
  • Palermo Rose Garden
  • Teatro Colon, Malba, or other art museums
  • Irish heritage or Jewish heritage
  • Pope history
  • Abasto, the place where famous Tango singer Carlos Gardel lived
  • Belgrano, the northernmost part of the town, with the River Plate stadium (the biggest in Argentina), and also a Chinatown. Beautiful houses and tall trees are part of this former town, later incorporated to the city.
  • North Suburbs (San Isidro)
  • A good meal at a local place or based on your preferences

Join us to live this experience!!

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