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From Jorge Bergoglio to Pope Francis – Buenos Aires Tour

On his way to becoming his holiness Pope Francis, the home of Jorge Bergoglio was Buenos Aires, the capital of a deeply religious South American country, not without its share of passions, contradictions, and social injustice. By unveiling the steps of Pope Francis’ life in Buenos Aires, we also unveil what constitutes his particular Christian commitment and view of the world.

From the early years, we see the house where he was born, the house where grew up, and the Basilica where he decided to become a priest. We then continue to visit the church where he was baptized, as well as other temples tied to Argentinian history and that of Pope Francis.

On our way to the most visited and miraculous Marian devotion in town, brought from Europe by Francis when he was just a Jesuit priest, we discover the last remaining penitentiary within the city, which still pays tribute to the importance of Francis’ work in this marginal context. Finally, we visit the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, where Francis was the Archbishop for almost two decades before moving to the Vatican to become the Pope.

This tour humanizes his holiness Pope Francis with fun and interesting anecdotes while visiting the neighborhoods and places where he lived and developed his work. Our approach of openness to that social reality, of endearing closeness and engagement, may well pay homage to the style and character of the first Latin American Pope in history.

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