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Whale Watch in El Doradillo

From July to September join us to be part of an amazing and unique experience at the protected beach, El Doradillo: One of the few places where whale watching can be made from the coast.

For the female Southern Right Whale El Doradillo is the preferred location to raise their new born calves during the first three months of its life by taking advantage of the high tide and a very unusual depth of the steep beach, which allows them to approach the coast as close as 5 meters (16 ft.).

This beach is only 13 km (approximately 8 miles) from Puerto Madryn and the tour takes approximately 2 hours but it depends on the time you would like to stay there to relax and enjoy contemplating nature.

Is important to know that for this experience to be worth for you it must be done at high tide only. The tide changes daily, that’s why our guides will keep you updated of which is the best possible time of the day to do it.

The experience also can be combined with a visit to the Sea Lion Colony of Punta Loma Reserve. This protected natural area is 40 km (approximately 25 miles) from El Doradillo. If you would like to include both nature sceneries the total duration of the tour is approximately 4 hours.

Note: This tour can only be booked in July to September.

Join us to be part of this wonderful nature experience!

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