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Castro-Nercon-Cucao Price per group
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Visit Castro

Castro is located in the Province of Chiloé, on the eastern shore of the island of the same name, between the Gamboa River estuary and the Ten-tén Marshland. The Great Island of Chiloé is accessed through the Southern Panamerican Road up to Puerto Montt and then by ferry across the Chacao Channel.

The typical feature of the City of Castro is created by the so-called palafitos, houses built on wooden stilts nestled on the seashore. They offer a colorful view.

Chiloé National Park, Chonchi & El Tepual Trail

Our tour starts visiting Castro’s downtown, where we’ll first visit one of the most important churches of the Island (16 of them are world Heritage); the majestic Church of San Francisco of Castro. From there we will walk to the Martin Ruiz de Gamboa viewpoint to get a view of the famous “houses on stilts or “palafitos”.

Our ride continues to Chiloé National Park; after leaving Castro and around 45 minutes of driving with green landscapes surrounding us, we arrive to Huillinco town. In this little place we have a brief stop in the local cemetery, where the “chilotes” (local people) bury their beloved dead in bright small homes after passing away.

Later, and, bordering the Huillinco Lake, we arrive to the National Park, specifically at Cucao village. In this park we’ll have an amazing walk in the middle of the evergreen forest called “El Tepual” trail. Through the moss-covered trees we get a glimpse of the natural ecosystem, and perhaps an occasional bird beckoning following us. This walk should take us around 1 to 1 ½ hours.

After the walk, we’ll go back towards the indigenous community of Quilque, where we’ll enjoy a local light-lunch. On the way back, we’ll stop at Chonchi to visit it’s World Heritage wooden church, which is also one of the island’s largest churches.

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