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Ranch Day Trip

The Estancia Santa Suana is located barely 50 miles away from Buenos Aires, in the area called Los Cardales, near San Antonio de Areco.
At this Estancia we will spend a wonderful day visiting the infinite prairies where the country wealth was made. Real gauchos (Argentinian cowboys) will be waiting for us to share empanadas, Argentinian barbecue known as “asado”, true Malbec wine (the best in the World!) and other delicatessen of local cuisine.

You will be able to ride horses (don’t worry, even if this is your first time, expert hands will be there to help you feel a true gaucho yourself) and/or travel in a carriage through the Pampas, or just relax under a tree in the beautiful grasslands that will surround you as far as the eye can see. You will also enjoy an authentic folkloric dancing show. The Estancia has even a museum, so one can imagine life in the Pampas not only as it is today, but as it has been in the past.

Although the trip is private, the time at the ranch will be shared with other people, your private guide on the other hand will always be by your side. The best will be saved for last, by the end of the day, the gauchos will show us one of their authentic entertainment and horse-back skills, and if you are lucky they can win a ring for you!

Join us to live this amazing experience!


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