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Fileteado walking tour & workshop

Culture, traditions and art are combined in this tour to explore Buenos Aires through an alternative and creative way: The fileteado.

What is the “fileteado”? It’s a cultural vehicle, a type of artistic painting, with stylized lines, swirling shapes, erupting flowers, climbing plants, birds, dragons and popular references. It’s an art form as representative of Buenos Aires as Tango, a true map to the soul and beating heart of the city.

Our journey begins where everything started in Buenos Aires, the very heart of Argentina, May Square, with the Metropolitan Cathedral next to it. The art of Fileteado it’s such an important part of the very soul of the city, that it even managed to get inside the Cathedral. It might get overlooked by most visitors, but be sure you will not. 

From the Cathedral we shall direct our compass to the oldest neighbourhood in town, where one can encounter the longest running pharmacy of the country, hidden tunnels, iconic characters of popular culture and many traditional and historic bars, churches and other buildings. On our way we will tell the story of Fileteado, about its origins and importance, to truly comprehend why it is considered an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and how close it is to the hearts and minds of the people who inhabit the streets of Buenos Aires.

Fileteado gets entangled with other icons of Argentina, such as Tango, and we will also come across with tourist attractions that will help us to better understand these connections. Just to name some of the things we will see and experience during our time together: we will make a stop at a Fileteado Bar, that includes original pieces by some of the greatest masters of the field; explore old shops and galleries where we will find examples of this art; walk down a historic passage that not only has Fileteado but other gems (like the narrowest house of the whole city); we’ll get to see Dorrego Square, the heart of old San Telmo neighbourhood and for many of Fileteado itself; and not far from there we’ll run into the house of one of the most important Fileteado artists of all time.

After this walking tour, we’ll get to the headquarters of the Fileteado Association, where a fileteador (an artist who specializes in this form of art) will give us a one and a half hour workshop to create our own piece of art, while we share some mate (a traditional Argentinian hot drink) with bizcochitos (crisp butter-based cookies). An English-speaking tour guide will be with you at all times.

Join us to experience the city from a different perspective and get your own and unique piece of Buenos Aires!

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