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Quick Details

Show Without Dinner Price per person
Dinner & Show Price per person
Dinner & Show+ Tango Lessons Price per person

Experience a Tango show

This romantic dance was born in Buenos Aires and lives in its streets.
This show is the VIP brand of La Ventana, that offers an intimate tango show and a VIP service featuring renowned tango dancers and musicians.

About Gala Tango

Its French-style decoration makes Gala Tango one of the most refined places in Buenos Aires. You can choose to upgrade your experience by having dinner: a gourmet cuisine, complemented with wines from one of the most exclusive wine-houses in Argentina. An elegant Tango and Folklore show defines Gala Tango as a superior option. Typical Orchestra formed by a quintet (piano, 2 violins, an accordion and a bass) accompanied by two tango singers, four dancing couples, a “charango” player and “Gauchos” show.

Choose between the options they offer and witness the passionate dance of tango:

  1. Tango Show- Without dinner.
    It includes:
    Free Drinks: Wine, Beer, Soda, Water.
    22:00- Show: Duration 60 Minutes.
  2. Dinner and Tango Show.
    It Includes:
    20:00 – Dinner, manu a la carte.
    Free Drinks: Wine, Beer, Soda, Water.
    22:00 – Show.
  3. Dinner and Show + Tango Lessons.
    It Includes:
    20:00 – Dinner, menu a la carte.
    Free Drinks: Wine, Beer, Soda, Water.
    22:00– Show

If you’d like to book in some other show, we can definitely help you make reservations!
For more information Contact Us.

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