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Legends, ghosts and political drama of  Recoleta Cemetery

Brace yourself for an adventure that will take us to the past and back again, to whispers and ghosts, where history becomes legend, where great characters of the past share their secrets and almost forgotten figures shine a light on almost forgotten stories. This cemetery is like no other you’ve seen before, a place that encapsulates two centuries of Argentinian art, history, drama, customs and so much more. You will never look at Buenos Aires with the same eyes after this tour, and will certainly think very differently about cemeteries in general.  

 On this 90-minutes English-speaking tour we’ll explore the bicentennial and most iconic Argentinian cemetery, “La Recoleta”. It will include unforgettable historical figures like Evita Perón, but also other famous personalities, from presidents to generals, writers and poets, heroes and villains alike.

We’ll focus on different aspects, art, history, political drama, but also incredible and fantastic stories, like the one about the warrior who was buried standing on his feet, the lady in white, the girl who was buried alive, the dog guardian Sabu, the gatekeeper that couldn’t wait to be buried in the cemetery, and many many more.

There is a story for everyone’s taste and interest here. Two things are certain, you shall not leave this place  indifferent  or unimpressed.

Join us on this experience!!


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