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Explore so much more of Montevideo on foot!

Walking around a city offers the incomparable pleasure of opening ourselves to spontaneity and allows us to explore the whole universe of its streets. Join us on this walking tour of Montevideo to live this local experience!

A private guide leads you through the interesting streets of the city, discovering buildings, cafes, stories, and the people. At your own pace, you become part of Montevideo.

This tour focuses on Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) and downtown. We can also tailor your private walking tour to fit your particular interests. We can explore:

  • Port Market and Port Area: Zabala’s square, monuments of Montevideo’s foundation, the golden age in the beginning of 20th century, and present times
  • Independence Square: government offices, the main 18th July Ave., and Citadel Gate
  • Sarandí pedestrian street
  • Constitution (or Matriz) Square: Town Hall, the Cathedral, the fountain, and other historical buildings.
  • Solís Theater (opera house)
  • And more!

As we walk, discover time and space from another perspective.