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Visit Punta del Este & Sample Wine

Join us in this journey where we will visit the most important attractions of Punta del Este, such as Candelaria Port, Punta Salinas, the lighthouse and Candelaria Parrish, the Hand sculpture, Brava beach, the wavy bridge in La Barra town and Punta Ballena hill.

Going ahead in this journey to the countryside, driving 30 minutes away from Punta, we will get to the most exclusive vineyard in the region: Viña Edén.

Here, we will taste and see how internationally recognized wines are produced. Let’s taste these high quality products and learn about the creative process. This vineyard, sitted on Pueblo Eden’s rocky mountain slopes, offers you an incredible experience to delight your five senses. Rocky mineral soil and the sea breeze create the perfect conditions for sustainable production of unique wines.

This tour includes the tasting of 4 wines (Methóde Champenoise, Chardonnay, Tannat Reserva, Cerro Negro Gran Reserva), artisanal bread, pate, cheese table, regional olive oil and water. Guided visit to the wine cellar is included.

Enquire about a guided visit to the vineyard if interested.

Before going back to the coastline, we will drive through Pueblo Eden. This village is considered a slow town and it seems to be “frozen” in time. Here you can feel the valuable tranquillity that you won’t find in a big city. You will enjoy the panoramic view of the green soft hills, free range cattle, windmills and a clean sky.

Finally, we will get to Punta Ballena hill, where you can take the best postcard photo of Maldonado bay.

Join us on this experience!!